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    ▓ired by the exorcism acts performed by her m▓other Yabeng. 銆€銆€Yabeng kept casting spells throughout the divination ceremony. Inserted into the▓ soil were two bam

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    boo sticks, placed on which were six bam▓boo labels standing for the six ghosts on the▓ nearby mountains. The sick woman asking▓ for prophecy also cleane

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    d her face and ha▓nds, sitting beside Yabeng. 銆€銆€Having taken a chicken killed by the woman, Yabeng dropped the chicken's blood on▓to the six bamboo labels, and ca

st spells on each. Then she deftly dissected the chicken and took out its liver to▓ observe the grain on it.  Rainstorms si▓nce early this week have swep

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